Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Designs - Decorative cosmetics for face – more about the makeup

 If you are a beginner with makeup and you have never applied make up before, you must know that there are certain rules and techniques through which you can look stunning. First and most important thing to remember is that you should not overdo it with makeup because if you do not have a sense of proportion instead of looking attractive, you can drive people away. For this do everything in moderation. Before proceeding to the main part of the makeup you must first clean your face by using cleaning cosmetics for face. Then apply moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics and finally you can reach for the makeup. The best friends of every woman are the foundation, concealer, shadows, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, blush and much more.

• Foundation base

For beautiful and long lasting makeup, you must first start with the basics. If you want your makeup to be flawless first apply a foundation base as it smoothes the skin and keeps the concealer and other makeup in place until you yourself do not wish to remove them.

• Concealer and foundation

The choice of professional cosmetics and in particular these two products is really difficult, but if you have purchased a shade that is not suitable for your skin, you may return it or buy a lighter or darker one and mix them, to make your own color. In most cases, is first put the concealer on pimples, red areas or circles under the eyes, and then is applied and the foundation.

• Blush

Sometimes the foundation can make your face more artificially, you can add blush on your cheeks in order your makeup to look more natural. The blush has many different shades, but peach or light pink tones suit almost all types of skin and are easily blended to create a glow on your cheeks.

• Eyeliner

Use eyeliner in order to draw attention to your eyes. It is applied difficultly, but with practice it becomes easier. Of course instead of eyeliner you can use pencils for eyes, which come in different colors, the main color for the eyeliner is black.

• Mascara

For the women who have always dreamed of long curved eyelashes comes to help the mascara. It will make your lashes longer and curved and will give your eyes peculiar charms.

• Eye shadows

To create the smoky eye look, you need to use three colors of shades – lighter in color, medium dark and darkest color. Apply the lightest color shadow in the inner corners of your eyes, the darkest color to the outer corners and in the middle the medium dark color. Make it as if they overflow.

• Lipstick

Finally, in order your lips to be tempting, apply lipstick in a shade that suits you.

Of course you are free to experiment with the decorative cosmetics for face, because makeup is a form of expression, it is an art.

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