Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Makeup - How to apply eye catching makeup

Applying makeup that looks different and matches the specific party theme is somewhat difficult. Women prefer to book an appointment at the beauty salon to prepare themselves for special events. But applying eye catching makeup
yourself is actually not that hard. At the beginning you will face some difficulties in selecting the colors and shades and applying them correctly. But, once practiced, you will be able to apply eye catching makeup without any mistake. A few things need to be considered when applying makeup.
The most important steps for applying eye catching makeup:
  1. Wash your face well. There are various types of products for cleansing – washing gel, lotions, scrubs – choose the most convenient for you and suitable for your skin type. Prepare your skin for receiving makeup applications. Hydration is also important before starting your makeup.
  2. The next step is to use foundation that matches your skin tone. Never apply too much foundation because when you make grimaces cracks appear and it looks ugly. Apply a thin base to prepare a smooth layer on the face and neck to receive better makeup application.
  3. Use hiding products to hide deformities like pimples, spots and acne marks. Use concealers for this purpose.
  4. Starting with the eyes makeup, use lighter shades on the lower eyelids and darker shades to highlight the inner shades. Use a contour line to achieve a more prominent look. Smoky eyes are in fashion now. They look exciting and give an elegant look.
  5. Use eye liner and mascara. You can use eye lashes curler to for your lashes which makes your eyes more charming and expressive.
  6. Never miss blush on your cheeks. Without it the makeup looks incomplete. Use light shades for a more natural look. Never apply too much blush.
  7. Lip liners and lipsticks that match with your outfit colors are preferable. Use any shade that gives a boosting effect to the makeup. Apply some gloss on the lips after applying your lipstick.
Here you go. Eye catching makeup is complete now. Enjoy your new looks and impress others.

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