Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Skin Tips - The sun and the premature skin aging

We are all aware of the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays on the skin. Nevertheless the suntan is still perceived as a symbol of health and youth.

Indeed, after obtaining a tan the skin looks very smooth, the acne and cellulite as though disappear, you look amazing … only not for long. Exposure to the sun is a time bomb and according to experts, is the main reason for the skin aging. Why is it so devastating?

Of the sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface, the strongest impact on the skin have the ultra violet rays – 95% of them are UVA rays, and only 5% UVB. The main difference between the two types is the wavelength. UVB rays only reach the surface of the skin and precisely they cause the bronze tan but also the sunburns.

The effect of the UVA rays is invisible and slower but much more disastrous for the skin. Because of the longer wavelength they penetrate deep into the dermis and cause irreparable damage – destroy the collagen and elastin, leading to changes in the cells. All this, however, is slowly and imperceptibly, and only after years you will notice the effects – wrinkles, pigment spots, and in some cases even cancer. And if your skin produces natural protection against UVB rays, such as the tan, it is powerless against the UVA.

However, you can help it with a reasonable sun exposure and daily use of sun-protection product. The lack of sun should not calm you down – the clouds stop only UVB rays, but unhindered skip the UVA. Read the packaging carefully and choose products which filter them over 90%.

Keep in mind that SPF protection only applies to UVB rays, so choose it according to your skin type. You can even leave it be soothed by the sun, as long as you have protected it in depth.

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