Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Makeup - Which cosmetics we should store in the refrigerator

In my fridge there is no free space. And the reason for this is not that I hoard food for the month ahead. I just use it not only for its intended purpose – to store food and drinks, but also to preserve the quality of some kinds of cosmetics.

Then why is not the place of the cream in the bathroom? Most women store exactly there their cosmetics in order to be always at hand. But the place of the cream is not in the bathroom because there is hot and humid, and the temperature is constantly changing. Natural oils and extracts difficult withstand such conditions. The toilet cabinet is not a place for jars if it is heated by the sun or near a heater. In what other cases it is better to keep your cosmetics in the fridge?

Homemade masks and lotions

Decoctions of herbs, masks of strawberries, cucumber or egg – they can withstand only a few hours at room temperature because they have no preservatives. It is best to prepare them immediately before use, but we do not always have the time or we are left with a stable quantity which we do not want to throw away. Placed in the fridge, however this home cooked cosmetic can last more than a week.

Products against puffiness

If you are susceptible to bags under the eyes, you probably have already acquired the appropriate cosmetic product. And did you know that its effectiveness is doubled if you store in the refrigerator. Simply the heat predisposes to the formation of edema (which are essentially the bags under the eyes), and the cold helps to disperse them.


The main purpose of the tonic is to shrink the pores, make the skin fresh and tight. In most cases, however, this effect is merely optional because we rely solely on the ingredients incorporated in the product. And it is known what flawlessly closes the pores – the cold, almost icy water. If we keep our tonic in the refrigerator, the results of its use will visibly be better.

Winterization of the summer cosmetics

Because of the decrease in temperatures and the aggressive wind, in the winter the skin becomes dry and starts to peel. You have to buy a richer cream. But what to do with the old one? You probably know that once opened, in the cosmetic product enter bacteria that multiply and lead to its deterioration long before the expiry date. But this process is significantly slowed if the cream is kept in the cold – so that we can use it without a problem and during the next warm season.

Where in the fridge

The best place for cosmetic products you use every day is the refrigerator door. Exactly there, at a temperature of +8 degrees and easily accessible, the cosmetic products will feel most comfortable. Only the products left for long storage (all season) is better to put in the compartment for fruits and vegetables, and the jars and bottles will not interfere.

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