Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Basic SEO Checklist 2015 Latest Post

-Have you checked for duplicacy of the content of your website?

-Have you checked about the indexing error for your website means all the web pages is indexed by search engines or not? 

-Have you resolved the canonical issues of your website(i.e website address with www or without www)?

-Have you created and submitted the XML and HTML site-map of your website?

-Have you passed the w3 validation of your website like HTML errors and CSS errors?

-All the images of website should contain ALT attribute so that search engine can easily crawl your website.

-Have you checked about the Robot.txt file for your website. Robot is Google software that is used to crawl your website and its content.

-Have to checked about the Meta tags like Meta description, meta keywords, title tag etc?

-Is your website verified by Google web master or not?

-Is your website registered with Google analytics or not?

-Have you checked the loading time of your website? This is most important from the visitor's point of view. Loading time should not exceed from 10 seconds.

-Have you checked about the 404 error or not? 404 error pages will not give the best response to the user.

-Have you checked about the Heading tags(like H1, H2.......H6)?

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