Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Digital Marketing Skills For 2015 Tricks New

More businesses would be looking at all rounded professions. In hiring speak, both generalist and an incredible specialist. Here are 13 skills that would greatly enhance your professional value as a marketer in this coming year of 2014 to become a better Digital Marketing Expert or Professionals.

i. General skill set

1. Research skills
2. Strategy development
3. Project management skills

ii. Content Creation skill set

4. Photoshop skills
5. Copywriting skills
6. Video marketing and editing skills
7. Content Management System

iii. Internet marketing skill set

8. Search Engine Marketing
9. Social Media Marketing
10. Email Marketing
11. Web Analytics

iv. Other valuable skills

12. Crisis management skills
13. E-commerce optimization

Bonus content: Social SEO: Social SEO strategies will be an incredible leverage for many brands and digital marketers that incorporate social SEO techniques into their marketing playbook will be well in demand.

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