Friday, 2 January 2015

10 Organic SEO Strategies Beginners 2014

1. Analyze Need of Your customer.
  • To recognize what users search about one particular matter, you can use “Keyword planner“ and “Google Searches Related to”.

2. Content is King and its huge significance in optimization.
  • Increase the quality, relevancy and Quantity of your content, Use relevant images, infographics, videos and Callouts.

3. Optimize Your Page Structure.
  • Try to Make your site user and SEO friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Optimize Meta tags and H1, H2 tags.
  • Optimize the site load time.
4.Good Quality of internal links
  • Linking to authority sites and trustworthy site from your webpages also will help you in building authority of your site.
5.Google+ and Google Authorship has its advantages
  • Use Google Plus effectual;Increase your circles,Views and share your content on Google Plus frequently.
  • Authorship improves CTR of link.
6.Define a Schedule update Blog With Site.
  • Make a Periodically update your Blog accordingly Site.

7.Active All Social Media Profile Button On Your Content.
  • Be active on All Kind of social Site Network.
  • Use viral content buzz.

8.Never Forget Sitemaps
  • Two types of Sitemaps-
  • Users: HTML sitemaps
  • Search Engines:XML sitemaps
  • XML sitemap Submit into Google Webmaster Tools.
9.Don't Think about SEO spamming
  • If you want long term organic traffic for your business then don’t dare to cheat Google;Google have Google Panda, Penguin,Hummingbird and manual penalties.

10.Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to Track Your Site.
  • Continuesly check Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools,analyze your site and audience and work accordingly.

Search engine optimization is Very Usefull for small businessesand and start-ups above described SEO strategies can help you in moving the right Position.

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