Saturday, 3 January 2015

Features and Bug Fixes

Today’s release to Blogger in draft brings one new feature: Reactions, which are customizable one-click buttons below your posts. Read more on our announcement post, and try them out on this blog.

We’ve added better show/hide controls and brought back the post count and Blogs of Note to the new dashboard, and published it to the main Blogger site.

In case you missed it, we moved Google Gadgets and the gadget directory to the main Blogger site as well.

This release also has some fixes to other Blogger in draft features:

New Post Editor

  • Edit HTML mode now has a toolbar.
  • The Compose toolbar gets a fifth font size, and “Normal” should now more correctly match the font size on your blog.
  • Newly added images will correctly pick up the border styles from your blog’s template.

Import / Export

  • Basic settings are now saved and restored.
  • Templates (both Classic and Layouts) are saved and restored.
  • Exporting a blog will now cause the XML file to download in Safari.
  • Import blog messaging now distinguishes between published and draft posts.

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