Wednesday, 7 January 2015

NEW Blogger in Draft Bug Fixes

We’ve made a handful of fixes to improve Blog List:
  • A “See All” link when you’ve truncated the list
  • Icon loading is deferred for better page responsiveness
  • Post title now links to post’s permalink
  • Newly-added blogs are highlighted on the configuration page
  • More reliable adding and removing of blogs, and better feed and title detection
If you’ve customized the Blog List widget template at all via Edit HTML, you will need to reset the template to get some of these new features.

We’ve also made some visual and reliability fixes to the new Gadgets directory, particularly around adding custom gadgets.

Note: we’re looking into reports of bX-e441ek errors for some people who have added Blog List to their blogs. We hope to have a fix out for this presently.

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