Friday, 25 September 2015

Arresting minor leak by OLS (On line sealing) clamp on pipe lines handling HC fluid

1. Firstly make attempt to temporary seal the minor leak/seepage by applying cold 5 minutes putty.

2. Carry out thorough thickness measurement by UT (Ultrasonic Testing) detector covering surface area at distance of 150 mm (minimum) from the leak spot.

3. If thickness reduction is not significant (i.e. not below the nominal thickness minus corrosion allowance),we can proceed for installing suitably designed two halves bolted clamps on leak spot with provision for injecting the furmaniting compound at pressure not above 30% of operating pressure.

4. Inject furmaniting compound as explained above.

5. This will work for 12 month with periodical top up of furmaniting compound at interval of every 3 months.

6. Normalize pipe line (i.e.remove clamp) and replace leaking pipe in next S/D opportunity for long term reliability.

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