Monday, 21 September 2015

How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

Questionhello sir my name is shakul i m 21 year old i from india i like someone who is very pretty she is in 12th standard she is my jim partners we r very good friends i like her by my heart and we always talk by the way of sms atleast half an hour in the day but i cannot dare to propose her cose i m worried that if i propsed her then she will break our friendship that is why i m not able to propose her so tell me sir how can i propose her if u solve my problem i will be very grateful to you for all my life cose i can not sleep in the nite i always think about her please do some thing for me sir i am waiting for ur answer.

AnswerHello,You act like this is the only time in your life that something difficult has come up well in life you will find all kinds of obstacles so what you do in this case is do a 3rd party scenario.You know I have a friend that I know he just proposed his best friend, what would have done in that situation, or how would you or what do you feel about that?Or you could say you know this guy who just proposed to his best friend and then work that into the conversation and she how she reacts from there you would be able to have a better understanding just coming out and saying it could put your relationship as friends in jeopardy so this would be your best approach you see if talk as a third person than she would tell you how she would react and then later you could do it.

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