Monday, 21 September 2015


1. Just talk to her. Start with whatever and talk. Be confident and don't be stupid and try silly pick up lines. Be yourself. happens. once u start seeing her, you'll get less shy, start talking, it will become friendship.u gotta make sure she knows ur there.

3. If you have only friendship in mind then where is the problem? Just go and introuduce yourself confidently and ask can we be friends? I you look sincere enough may be she'll be your friend in some days. Girls always take sometime in making friends. Also do not pester her it will be negative on your image.

4. So, you are thinking about that girl from couple of months but unable to speak a single word. This often happens with almost every guy when he really falls in love with someone. If you are sailing in the same boat then do not worry. Just have a smile on your face and apply the given below steps.
Roses, ring and chocolates are the essentials for proposing a girl.

Everyone has certain skill, such as humor, wit, talkativeness etc. While dating a girl, you must utilize any of your best talent. Your skill would play key role in proposing a girl.Tips and Ideas for Proposing a Girl

Suppose, you have lack of self-confidence then there is no need to bother. It would be advisable to take your friend's aid. Ask significant suggestions from one of your smart friend.

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