Monday, 21 September 2015

how to propose a girl if she feels shy on talking to a boy

1. AAp apna kam karo or usse uska kaam karne do. when you will propose a gal for friendship or love so she will also have come these feelings itself, do propose to her in her shyness way.

2.before proposing the girl, its important to get introduced with her and make friendship. because she feels shy, you have to come to talk to her. if she is interested, make intimacy with her. talk to her and take cares of her, impress her with your personality and honesty. if she shows interest in you then don't hesitate to express your feelings to her. but you should express your love directly to her when she is alone with you.

3.It doesnt matter if the girl feels shy talking to boys or not. You need to tell her your feelings, and you must go upto her and tell her, without thinking how shy she is feeling about it.

4. find something common between you both... anything common and then first talk to her about it.. make her feel comfortable first then gradually with time everything will be fine and then think about any further step. first be good friends.

5.Shyness or bashfulness is her quality. If the boy is convinced i.e. knows her mind that she is impressed on him and concurrently develops inclination towards him, it is a positive sign. But her shyness may also be another signal of her hesitant supposition. May be she is also waiting for an opportune moment for giving an indication towards the boy. In such situation two options are open before the boy. One, he should wait for a day or two, giving his positive ogle and smile. He may send a message through a dependable media. This will give her more confidence. But here, he has to be more careful, so that no third party (except the errand boy or friend) knows the fact. Otherwise, it may end up with adverse consequences. The second option is very simple, utilizing an suitable moment he can express his mind to the an appropriate way.

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