Friday, 25 September 2015

Risk associated in operation of Hydro jetting machines

Most of the process industries prefer to clean the heat exchangers tube and shell by high pressure (15000 psi to 20 000 psi) hydro jetting machines. This cleaning operation is having high potential for risk of human injury if due safety measures not taken by users. Any accidental contact of water jet would cause severe injury to human being sometimes it will be fatal also. The machine itself should be adequately equipped with safety features like pressure relief valve in pumping installation; recirculation system should be reliable, high pressure flexible hose connection should have flanged connection in place of threaded connections. The machine operator should wear Mandatory PPEs besides special PVC suits covering entire body. Area of work station should be barricaded properly to ensure that no one can approach the work place area.

During temporary idling of cleaning operation, pumping system should be kept in circulation and main stream of jet should be kept off to avoid any accident.

One standby man should stand near control panel for emergency stop of the motor. He should also be in proper PPEs.

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