Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mexican dancers set new world record in Guadalajara

Hundreds of dancers took to the floor in Guadalajara at the weekend to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Mexican folk dance.

The attempt took place on Saturday in the Plaza Liberacion in front of the famous/old Teatro Degollado in the western state of Jalisco as part of the 18th annual Mariachi and Charreria Festival.

The soundtrack to the folk ball was provided by over 300 mariachis from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

While a minimum requirement of 250 participants wearing tradition costumes were required for a new record to be set, an impressive 457 dancers took part.

While the dancers were only required to perform for five minutes, they continued for a further five to traditional Mexican songs like 'Guadalajara', 'El Jarabe Tapatio' (The Guadalajara Jarabe Dance), and 'El Son de la Negra' (The Dark Girl's Music)

The event was organised by the city's chamber of commerce to promote Mexican culture, and marks the third time that the department has broken a record, following successful attempts at the most people twirling lassos and the largest gathering of mariachis.

Miguel Alfaro Aranguren, board president said : "It's the way for the world to get to know our traditions - mariachi music, tequila and our folklore".

Alfaro says plans are now afoot for a record attempt at the greatest number of people drinking tequila simultaneously for the next festival.

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