Sunday, 25 October 2015

Your questions answered about this year’s edition

With the release of our latest and greatest annual book, "Guinness World Records ™2012", barely a week away, we thought it the ideal time to answer some of your questions about the year's edition.

Here's what you told us you wanted to know through our Facebook page and Twitter feed:

"Are there any new records?"

Nadia Kajee asked this, and Laura Castro similarly wanted to know how many records the book contains in total. Well - the book contains over 4000 records, of which over half are either new categories, or new record holders.

The book also contains over 900 brand new photos, and hundreds of facts about what the average person eats, drinks, and does in a lifetime. Did you know you'll eat 53kg of insects accidentally during your life?

"Am I in it?"

Many of you (including: Stephen Kish, Mason Pye, Nishant Choudry, Mike White, Peter Barlow, Thanesh Gurgain, and Zach Wong, to name just a few) wanted to know if the records they hold appear in this edition of the book.

While I do know for certain (I have a copy open on my desk right now!), I'm afraid you're going to have to just wait and see for yourselves!

Note that while we couldn't possibly fit every record into the book each year, all current records are considered for inclusion, and we try to mix things up each year, such that as many different record holders as possible get the chance to see their names in print.

"What's the weirdest record in the book?"

An interesting question from Haley Anderson, here. I'm afraid I can't give you any details just yet, but you will shortly be hearing about a brand new record holder with something of a penchant for piercings, who is certainly one of the more unusual characters in this edition…

"Can I have a copy for free?"

A cheeky question from both Kole Townsend and Kevin Garcia! While we certainly can't give a copy away to everyone who asks us for one, we will be running book giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website in due course, so there will be opportunities for some of you to win a copy.

"When is the Gamer's Edition book coming out?"

Another question from Mason Pye - our other annual book, one focussing on record-breaking achievements in the world of video games, will be released in January 2012. Closer to the time we'll announce an exact date, and give you more of a taste of what to expect.

"When is the book released in my country?"

An important question, Ahnaf Nizar! Seeing as we have to translate the book into numerous different languages, then print and send out millions of copies across the globe, the release date is not the same in every country. Here are the current scheduled release dates for GWR 2012 (note these may be subject to change):
USA & Canada - September 13 th
UK - September 15 th
Australia - September 15 th
Germany - September 15 th
Norway - September 15 th
The Netherlands - September 15 th
Belgium - September 15 th
Turkey - September 15 th
Hungary - September 15 th
Portugal - September 15 th
Russia - September 15 th
Czech Republic - September 15 th
Slovenia - September 15 th
Croatia - September 16 th
Finland - September 16 th
Sweden - September 20 th
Brazil - October 1 st
Denmark - October 2 nd
Italy - October 4 th
France - October 5 th
Greece - October 7 th
Spain - October 13 th
Argentina - October TBC
Colombia - November 15 th
Israel - TBC
Japan - TBC
South Africa - TBC

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