Thursday, 11 February 2016

Happy Promise Day NEw

Top 10 Promise Day 2016 SMS Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings. Here you will get promise day quotes, promise day sms,promise day messages, promise day wishes, promise day greetings. Promise Day is celebrated every year on 11th February in many countries around the world. Promise Day is 5th day of Valentine week. On Promise day couple promise each other to make their relation happy forever. It is the day to express your trust for your loved ones. Therefore gays help make promises within this evening and also undergo those promises and also rejoice your own relationship together with your buffs.

Promise Day SMS Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings

Promise day means Promise your loving one happy promise day and make love relationship more stronger. In this post are some best Happy Promise Day Quotes. you can also get Promise Day Quotes For Girlfriend as well as Promise Day Quotes For Boyfriend.

Happy Promise Day Quotes
#1. Love is a promise spoken by the heart It not written in Book.
#2. Making Promise with you will not leave alone you alone neither today nor tomorrow Happy Promise Day.
#3. Love is heat. You are sweet. When two Lips are meet each other. then Love is complete.
#4. I Promise You That I Blissfully give my life for yours Because you and your life Are more important to me Than myself and mine.
#5. I promise you will regret losing me you will look back and say. ‘Dammn… that guy really did love me.

Happy Promise Day SMS

#1. I want to be the greatest of me,
for this is all i can do.
it is my wish that you promise me this.
you be the greatest of you.
#2. Promise day is special promise to person.
means make promise controller or.
promise driver of promise life because.
all relationship depends on promise transaction.
#3. We met it was Luck!
We Talked it was chance!
We became friends it was destiny!
We R still friends it is faith!
We will always be friends it’s a promise!
On this promise day this is for U.
#4. Love is the happiness of today.
and promise of tomorrow.
so this warm note comes to you.
to say that live life with a heart full of love.
#5. All I wanted was some to care for me.
all I wanted was some who’d be there for me.
all I ever wanted was some who’d be True.
all I ever wanted was some like U.

Promise Day Wishes

On this promise day impress you friends or special one by sending some beautiful happy promise day wishes. Also you can send promise day wishes for girlfriend and promise day wishes for boyfriend.

#1. Speaking Without Egos.
Loving Without Intentions.
Caring Without Expectations.
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always.
Happy Promise Day My Sweet Love.

#2. I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me.
I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me.
For This Is All I Can Do.
It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This.
You Be The Greatest Of You.
#3. God did not promise days without pain.
laughter without sorrow.
but He promise strength for the day.
comfort for the tears, and light for the way.
#4. Tum Udas Udas Se Lagte Ho.
Koi Tarkib Batao Manane Ki.
Promise Hai Tumse Main Jindgi Girvi Rakh Sakta Hu.
Tum Kimat Batao Muskurane Ki.
#5. This Promise day, I promise you.
that I will be there for you.
Never turn my back on you.
Always love you and keep you like an angle in my life.

Promise Day Messages

The entire week is filled with fun when lovers Promise Day Messages, cards, teddy and chocolates to each other and celebrate the season of love. On this promise day send messages like Promise Day Messages For Boyfriend & Promise Day Messages For Girlfriend to you special one.
#1. Pyaar Me Waada To Bahut Karte Ho.
Par Nibhana Bhul Jate Ho.
Lagaa Ke Aag Dil Me.
Use Bujhaana Bhul Jate Ho.
#2. I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems.
I Can Only Promise.
That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone.
#3. Her Pal Teri Sochoo Main Gum Rehta Hon.
Din Ho Ya Raat Ho Bass Tujhay Yaad Kerta Hon.
Tu Kya Janey Meri Iss Bebasi Ka Alam.
Tere Bina Mar Mar Ker Jeeta Hoon.
Yaad Kro Wo Apna Promise Yaad Kro.
#4. Do not Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars.
Just Promise Me.
You’ll Stay Under Them With Me.
#5. Ye Promise Hai Humara.
Na Chhodenge Kabhi Saath Tumhara.
Jo Gaye Tum Hume Bhool Kar.

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