Sunday, 25 October 2015

Largest can pyramid built in Kansas City

An engineering firm in Missouri (USA) has stacked its way into the record books by building the world's largest can pyramid.

Local company BRR Architecture Inc were contacted by the Worlds of Fun amusement centre in Kansas City to carry out what was to prove a successful record attempt at the park last month.

Guinness World Records guidelines for the record required the team to build the construction from a minimum of 15,000 cans.

Grocery store Country Mart stepped up to the plate and offered to donate the identical food cans needed. This donation came close to 18,000 canned food items, a remarkable contribution.

To ensure the food was used and did not go to waste, Harvesters- The Community Food Network joined the project to contribute to the record building pyramid and then walk away with a grand donation and contribution for their food warehouse.

Ahead of the attempt, the amusement park, was bustling with excitement. A large area was barricaded off where large pallets holding thousands of canned food items were stacked. The cans were taken out of the plastic wrapping and carried over to the BRR Architecture team, who then strategically placing the cans in a formation.

The group plugged away building the free-standing structure for over 7 hours with only an hour break for lunch.

The eventual base for the pyramid measured 37 x 37 cans with each successive layer subtracting one can. The final construction equaled a grand total of 17, 575 cans, surpassing the minimum requirement for a new record by a huge margin.

Congratulations to Worlds of Fun for this successful record attempt, and a special thank you to BRR Architecture, Inc, Country Mart and Harvesters for their support and hard work.

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