Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to report HTML bugs with the new post editor

We’d like to thank everyone who has been trying out the new post editor on Blogger in Draft and putting it through its paces. As many of you have noticed,   the   new   editor   handles   HTML   somewhat   differently   from  the   old   editor, and tricks and conventions you may be used to are not working or screwing up your post’s formatting.

We would like to fix as many inconsistencies and problems as we can before we unleash the new editor on all Blogger users, so we’d really appreciate reproducible bug reports when you see a problem.

The three key pieces of a helpful bug report are:
  • “I typed/clicked/did…”
  • “I expected to see…”
  • “What I really saw was…”
For example:
My post template is:

<span id="fullpost">
Full post

I opened up a new post in Firefox on XP and typed two paragraphs in Compose mode. When I switched back to Edit HTML, I expected to see:

<span id="fullpost">
First paragraph

Second paragraph

But what I saw was:

<span id="fullpost">
First paragraph</span>

<span id="fullpost">
Second paragraph</span>
Comments on this post are a fine place for these bug reports, or, if you post them on a blog, just link to them from the comments.

We realize that writing about HTML can be tricky in the post editor or the comments form. You can replace “<” with “&lt;” or put a space right after the “<” to prevent the editor from treating it as HTML. Or, if you make the post with the new editor, you can turn on “Show HTML literally” in the Compose Settings section of the Post Options.

While we can’t commit to making the new editor work exactly like the old in every regard (if we did, that might break some of the new useful features, such as drag-and-drop image placement), we really want to keep the differences down to as few as possible. Your feedback and bug reports will make this possible.

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