Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Longest Body Percussion Chain record set in Las Vegas

How do you top off a long week of meetings in Las Vegas? Trying to set a new Guinness World Records achievement is one way!

For Sanofi Renal's annual sales meeting, the theme of "All In" set the tone for the week: teamwork, energy, and giving it everything you've got to win and come out on top. Knowing they needed a killer conclusion to their conference, the management team at Sanofi decided to surprise their staff with a record-breaking challenge.
Walking into what they thought was going to be a normal sales meeting, the sales team at Sanofi Renal were stunned when they learned that instead of a presentation, they were going to attempt to set the record for "Longest Body Percussion Chain." Each participant would quickly learn a series of different rhythms, and then in one long, continuous chain, would play these rhythms on the body of the person in front of them.
Excitement mounted as the group quickly learned and practiced the routine. The nervous tension grew as no one wanted to be the one person to slip up and ruin the record-breaking opportunity. For the next 60 seconds, everyone in the ballroom became fixated on one goal: success.
With only one attempt they succeeded, setting a new Guinness World Records achievement for Longest Body Percussion chain with exactly 200 people.
Bursting into cheers, the team at Sanofi Renal capped off their Las Vegas week in what can only be described as an "Officially Amazing" way.

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