Monday, 21 September 2015

( New)How to purpose a girl so that she dont refused me?

1. Well first of all, the term is PROPOSE not PURPOSE. Secondly, speak proper English. Third, if you both have strong feelings toward one another, then how can she refuse you?

2. There are lot many ways to propose a girl... but none of the ways come with a guarantee that the girl will accept the proposal.You have to have the nerve to ask and face the answer like a man. Rejection is a part of life so if you cant accept it u better not propose her.

3. think about what would make it memorable for you and how embarassment you could stand and find the middle. make it nice and if she likes suprizes make it a total suprise she will sense it from u and may figure it out but a nice way for both of you to get enjoyment. if she doesnt drop hints and let her know before you ask thats why its nice to make it memorable. you will tell the story hopefully forever.
4. If you can't handle rejection then don't ask after allshe can say one of two things she has a choicetry to put some effort into it and make it nice for both of you and I wish all the luck in the world

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