Tuesday, 30 December 2014

AdSense Earning Pays Dollar for UV not for RV

In the common word, earning money by AdSense is very easy but it is not really very easy. Recently, I got some new things about Google AdSense. Now, for Google AdSense account, there is no way to create by free blogs. For it you have to need original sites with proper hosting under your name. To run AdSense on the domain it is necessary that the domain should be older than 6 months.

Recently, I analyzed my Google AdSense account. There is not much amount which should be there. Many times I have got $0.5 even on 20 clicks. It was lowest money by the AdSense clicks.

I am getting now good visitors on my sites and there are proper optimized AdSense also but clicking money is low. My question was big for me. I tried to solve it. I went through my Google AdSense account and found some good data.

I analyzed that Google pays for those clicks which is clicked by UV. When there was UV by organic visits, my AdSense money was high but those days when there were RV visitors, my AdSense amount was low even on high clicks.

After this analysis I understand that if my sites ranking by high searches keywords have good positions in organic searches then my AdSense earning can be high also.

To get more money by AdSense account you need to optimize your site by targeted keywords. Your sites stuff should be proper, unique and more recent. It is also a good way to earn dollar if you do it in right way.

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